Reflections on My Master Key Experience

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MKE – 2022 -Week 22A

Through the help of this program, I realized that two strong needs of mine are liberty and helping others. Something I keep realizing more and more deeply is that in order to truly help others, I cannot be worried about myself or what people think of me. After reflecting on my gifts and pinpointing myContinue reading “MKE – 2022 -Week 22A”

MKE – 2022 Week 17HJ

What a hero’s journey this is! In my past, the voice I would hear over every other voice was the one saying how I am not a hero, how circumstances and lack of this or that would always keep me from being a hero. I did not realize that I have been my own worstContinue reading “MKE – 2022 Week 17HJ”

Master Key – Week 24

I think one of the most difficult things for me to deal with in life is when I make effort towards a goal and see no results. If I continue for a while and still see no results, my actions normally dwindle and I would give up for a while before starting again. This MasterContinue reading “Master Key – Week 24”

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